Risk Assessment

    • All our coaches are fully insured and have current MOT certificates
    • We have public liability cover for £10,000,000 with a clause giving indemnity to principal.
    • All our drivers have undergone CRB checks.
    • All our vehicles are safety checked at regular intervals in compliance with Department for Transport standards as laid down in the Vehicle & Operator Services Agency publication Guide to maintaining roadworthiness: Commercial goods and passenger carrying vehicles (2007 edition).
    • All our vehicles are fitted with seatbelts which meet current Department for Transport and EU specifications.
    • All our drivers are fully trained and hold PCV licences.
    • We are full members of the Confederation of Passenger Transport UK (CPT) and are also fully accredited by Peninsular Business Services Ltd, Specialist health and safety assessors to the transport industry.
    • We hold EU authorisation to operate international services in accordance with European Regulation 684/92 as amended by Regulation 11/98 and are fully licensed in the UK in compliance with the Public Passenger Vehicles Act 1981.
    • We adhere strictly to the rules governing both drivers hours of work and rest and the use of tachographs.